About us


Our team create interview guidance services to increase employment success for vulnerable adults and students. We help others get their dream job through interview success. We provide transferable life skills and give people a voice when society will not provide them with one to succeed in life through personalised services and experience. 


Our History

Our Mission

Interview Makers was created after founders graduated and realised how little information was available for interview guidance when applying for grad schemes and entry level jobs and for vulnerable adults looking for jobs. All information was generic and heavily CV based with interview assistance being an afterthought. 


In a society where everyone is on their phone and face to face communication is a growing issue many need guidance on how to perform at all interview stages.

To increase interview success rates for students and vulnerable adults by providing specialised services that allow them to take skills learnt and implement them in all aspects of life. 

We aim to improve wellbeing and confidence with interview guidance to help all get their dream job and ultimately improve standard of living for demographics that do not have a voice in todays society.

Who we Target

Our clients choose us to provide interview packages to achieve job success for all graduates and vulnerable adults seeking roles in the UK or abroad. We increase job rates by focusing on teaching the correct interview techniques.


We provide packages tailored specifically for students in university seeking a placement after 2nd year. Placement students are the most likely to fail at placement interviews due to limited places and strong competition. We tell your students how to stand out and talk them through what to expect and provide interactive exercises and techniques so that they are prepared for everything during an interview to secure their dream placement.